Saturday, March 7, 2009

So, here's how it's going to go down...

"The chief character in this narrative is the Caribbean Sea, one of the world's most alluring bodies of water, a rare gem among the oceans, defined by the islands that form a chain of lovely jewels to the north and east." ~ James Michener

Now, if I can be perfectly honest, I've never really enjoyed the works of James Michener, but I liked that quote. One could say that it explains what you are about to witness here, as well: the Caribbean Sea, our chief character.

(Photo credit: stgrundy,, 2008)

Nice picture, right?

I thought so too.


I have been highly interested in the Caribbean ever since I took my first trip there at the age of 10, when I embarked on the Enchantment of the Seas with my family in 2000. Since that trip, I have been on six other cruises, each time becoming more and more infatuated with the islands of the Caribbean and the travel industry in general.

I came into college a few months ago as a journalism major who didn't really know what he wanted to do with his degree once (or, dare I say it, if) he got it. To this day, I still don't know the answer to that, but I think I'm starting to get a better idea of what I'd like to do.

One day in my Journalism 101 course, my professor told all of us that we should consider creating our own blog. While at the time I was not considering making this blog, I did make another that was a general blog for all pieces of news. However, I didn't have much interest in it. Therefore, I made three posts and haven't gone back since.

Recently, I got into looking at and researching the Caribbean extensively on Google Earth, Wikipedia, and elsewhere. A few weeks ago, I decided that perhaps I could write a blog about my findings; after all, the blog would for once be about something I enjoy, and perhaps it could somehow benefit others and better inform them about different aspects of the Caribbean.

At the very least, this blog can be something that I can point to when I am trying to get a job later on in life in order to say, "See? I was blogging!"

I may start tonight with my entries, if not tomorrow. It depends on whether or not I find anything else to do tonight.

Thank you for sticking it out through my rambling. Trust me- after this, the blog shall finally begin to take a specific theme.

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